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Gain access to new workshops, courses & series across a wide range of topics within our extensive library.

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Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, our incredible library of on-demand content brings you over 1,000 videos to choose from. Take a class with any of our world-renowned instructors or discover a new passion with our incredible online yoga workshops, series and certifications.

Yoga Classes

Sweat through energetic vinyasa and hatha classes or find balance with a meditative yin or restorative practice

Incredible Workshops

Our workshops and series will help you advance and strengthen your yoga practice

Guided Meditation

Awaken your awareness with guided meditations and experience the magic of sound healing


Connect breath and body with pranayama practices designed to carry you through life

Lifestyle Courses

Take your healing off the mat with astrology and goal setting practices to enhance your lifestyle

Women’s Health

Get support through each stage of pregnancy and discover the practice of yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda

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Incredible Online Yoga Classes.

Talented instructors and 1000+ classes in the style of hatha, yin, vinyasa, restorative and more! A multitude of incredible soundtracks to choose from as well, unless no music at all is your preference ā€” it’s your choice.

Immersive Workshops.

New workshops and classes are added regularly, so you’ll always find something new. Whether you’re exploring Ayurveda, learning to do a handstand or need the perfect prenatal class for a person close to you ā€” we have it all!

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Find Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Workshops

YogaRenew is a YACEP Continuing Education Provider with Yoga AllianceĀ® and YogaRenew Online provides access to certified workshops that can be used for CEUs. Subscribers gain unlimited online access to our self-paced workshops.

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“I haven't felt better than I do after a class with YogaRenew, I'm still impressed with how much I get from this app”


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