Online Astrology Workshop

A deeper look inside your astrology, the stars and the cosmos

Bess Matassa - Astrology Teacher

You are made of stars

This self-paced Astrology course is your superpower primer for speaking the language of the stars. A walkabout through the mystery and magic of the wild worlds within you and all around you!

Take a spin through the foundational symbols and begin applying them to your own existence immediately — harnessing this mystical modality in a style that’s vivid and easeful.

Playfully potent self-inquiry; strengthened relationships with both your beloveds and your beasties; and larger-than-life communion with this crazy beautiful cosmos await you!

I'm ready!

What's included in the Astrology Course:

A breathable, wearable language that’s no different from life itself, learning astrology starts with skinny-dipping into its symbols and treasure hunting them in the world around us — gaining fluency by rolling its sounds around in our mouths and re-languageing our lives through its lens. Accordingly, we’ll start with the basic astro alphabet and build towards making star-studded sentences.

Discover the Elements

Come alive to the four elements and explore the three modalities that are the foundation for all other astrological symbols

Understand the Zodiac Signs

Walk the twelve ways of being symbolized by the zodiac signs and explore where these archetypes live within you and your beloveds

Learn Who You Are

Play with the poetics of your own chart’s Sun/Moon/Rising trinity: the core callings of your personal astrological adventure here on earth

How it works

Inside the Astrology Course, you'll find an actionable, accessible tour through the four elements, three modalities, twelve signs, and Sun/Moon/Rising trinities

Beyond Googling your Sun/Moon/Rising signs, or accessing them through your full birth chart, all you need is your sweet self and maybe some gel pens and trapper keepers if you’re feeling fancy. As you follow the course of this course, just notice what you notice, and come alive to what brings you alive—remembering that this journey is a lifelong choose-your-own-adventure.

Mini Meditations

Mini meditations to awaken each of these energies in your everyday life

Guided Journaling & Practices

Journal prompts and personal inquiry points to help you dive deeper into each sign

Certificate of Completion

Obtain your certificate upon completion
Bess Matassa

Meet your instructor...

Bess Matassa

I’m a Brooklyn-based BBQ babe (fiery Aries stellium + Leo moon) who’s been in love with this mystical modality since I was a mini bite. It’s been by my side through both moments of exalted celebration and total breakdown—here as a headlamp and heartbeat that’s brought me back to life, again and again. For the past decade, I’ve harnessed it professionally as an astro + tarot reader, teacher, and writer, and my style of stargazing serves up self-inquiry with a side of poetry, pop music, and pasta sauce. When not combing the cosmos, I can be spotted sporting hot pink lipstick while wandering deserts and tropics, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next Olympic games.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t know my birth time?

Have no fear! You can likely still divine your Sun and Moon signs from just the date. While tricking out this trinity is a treat, you can still dig into plenty of juicies without it.

Will I receive a certificate after the course?

Yes, students receive a certificate of completion.

What level is this course for?

This course is primarily intended for fresher kiddies to the cosmic block. You can dip in with no existing knowledge, or with some familiarity. And because astrology is a language, each astrologer speaks it with a different accent and intonation. So even seasoned stargazers will have something to discover from my Brooklynese.