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Learn why Ayurveda has persisted as a practice for thousands of years in the face of modern technologies and medicines. Discover practices, recipes, techniques and informative lessons with this incredible training.

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Contents of Ayurveda Online Course Bundle

Ayurveda Certification Bundle

There are so many ways Ayurveda can be applied to your everyday life, which is why we felt it was important to provide different workshops focused on the specific branches of Ayurveda and how it’s practiced. Access all modules today with YogaRenew Online and gain incredible insight on how Ayurveda can impact your lifestyle and teachings.

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1. The Philosophy and History of Ayurveda

Empower yourself with the knowledge of this transformative science, which may help you find more balance within yourself and your teachings.

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2. Ayurveda: Food, Cooking + Digestion

Dive deep into your digestion! Learn how food is not necessarily what we eat, but how we eat it. Understand how our dietary needs change seasonally and how to select the right foods for your unique constitution.

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3. Ayurveda + Asana

Discover how your dosha, the time of day, and the season affect your physical body and learn how to adapt your yoga asana practice to restore balance in your body and mind year round.

Self care items: brush, soap, eucalyptus

4. Ayurveda + Self-Care

Learn how this ancient practice can be incorporated into your daily, self-care routine and gain valuable insight into the doshas, including their archetypes and mental and emotional elements.

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5. Ayurveda + Women’s Health

Understand how women’s bodies change during their lifetime and how Ayurveda teaches us the importance of acknowledging, celebrating, and making adjustments as these changes come.


History, Philosophy & Science of Ayurveda


The Background


The History of Ayurveda

Ayurveda Today

The Three Major Texts

The 8 Limbs of Ayruveda

The Definition of Health

Doshas, Dhatus & Gunas

Deep Dive into the Doshas, Dhatus and Gunas

Kapha + Kapha Sub Doshas

Pitta + Pitta Sub Doshas

Vata + Vata Sub Doshas

The 7 Dhatus

The 10 Gunas & their 10 Opposites

Agni, Ama & Tejas

Agni + Ama Introduction

What is Agni?

The 4 Stages of Agni

Signs of Balance Agni

The 13 Agnis

What is Ama?



Ayurvedic Food, Cooking & Digestion


Digestion and the Doshas

Digestion and the Doshas

Kapha + Kapha Digestion

Pitta + Pitta Digestion

Vata + Vata Digestion

Moving Through Your Day and The Seasons

Moving Through Your Day and the Seasons

Ritucharya + Food Choices

Dinacharya, Meal Times, Food Choices

The Gunas & Food

The Gunas & Food Introduction

Tamas + Tamasic Foods

Rajas + Rajastic Foods

Sattva + Sattvic Foods

Cultivating Sattva

The 6 Tastes

The 6 Tastes: An Introduction

Incorporating the 6 Tastes Into Meals

Tastes: Sweet

Tastes: Sour

Tastes: Salty

Tastes: Pungent

Tastes: Bitter

Tastes: Astringent

Let’s Eat!

Mindful Eating Practices

Food Combinations


Ayurveda “Appetizer”

Ayurvedic “Tic Tacks”


Stewed Apples

Tumeric Milk




Ayurveda & Self-Care


What is Ayurveda?


What is Ayruveda?

What is Perfect Health?

The Three Causes of Disease

The Doshas




The Mahu Gunas

The Elements


Fire & Eye Care Lesson & Practice

Earth & Nose Case Lesson & Practice

Air & Skin Care Lesson & Practice

Water & Mouth Care Lesson & Practice

Ether & Ear Care Lesson & Practice

Dinacharya + Ritucharya


Dinacharya & Practices

Ritucharya & Practices

Self Love



Ayurveda & Asana


Ayurveda & Asana


Ayurveda & The Doshas

Ayurveda & Asana

Listening to Your Body

Asana Practice for the Doshas

Pitta Balancing Asana Practice

Kapha Balancing Asana Practice

Vata Balancing Asana Practice

Your Rhythms


Dinacharya, Your Daily Rhythm + Asana

Create a Class for Each Time of Day

Ritucharya, Your Seasonal Rhythm + Asana

Creating Your Own Asana Practice According to Your Rhythms



Ayurveda, Hormones & Women’s Health


Balanced Lifestyle & Hormones

Balances Lifestyle & Hormones Introduction

The Yamas

The Niyamas

The Yamas + Niyamas and the Connection to a Balanced Lifestyle

Times of Life Through the Lens of Ayurveda

Times of Life through the Lens of Ayurveda

The Doshas + Our Lifetimes






How Ayurveda Supports: Herbs, Recipes, Essential Oils

How Ayurveda Supports Introduction

Menstruation Support

How Ayurveda Supports Menstruation Balance

Conception Support

Pregnancy Support

Postpartum Support

Menopause Support

Sample Practices for All Stages


Menstruation Sample Practices

Conception Sample Practices

Pregnancy Sample Practices

Postpartum Sample Practices

Menopause Sample Practices



Ayurveda can change your life...and your health!

Ayurveda has been used not only to remedy but also to prevent disease and sickness in the body. Ayurvedic practices have stayed prominent, especially in the yoga community. Each workshop provides you with a deeper understanding of Ayurveda and how it applies to different facets of life. Learn the philosophy, history, technique, and practical application of this ancient science today!

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Lisa Bermudez - Ayurveda Teacher

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Lisa Bermudez

Lisa is an Ayurveda coach, yoga teacher, educator, writer and sky-diver. She finds inspiration from Bhakti yoga, fuel from Ayurveda, and is passionate about bringing balance into the world. She’s completed dozens of certifications across a wide scope of practices in yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and reiki. Her credentials in Ayurveda include training from: The Sister Science, Boston Ayurveda School, and Ayurveda Living Institute.