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In this course, you’ll explore:

  • How to approach an astrological birth chart without feeling overwhelmed
  • The 4 elements as a foundation for learning
  • The 12 signs as energetic currents here to be creatively channeled
  • The 10 celestial bodies/planets and how they humanize us
  • The 12 houses as environments where we grow
  • How to read a chart intuitively and strengthen your interpretive skills

Your astrological birth chart is your personal love letter—penned by the Universe at the moment you debuted on the scene. By learning to read its language, you can discover your reasons for coming to life, your greatest creative potentials, and the oh-so-human dramas that are here to unfold and expand through you. Leave the techy tangle of chart lines and the rote memorization behind, and learn to play in the dynamic landscape of your life. Through a distinctive approach to astrology, where you’ll lean on the zodiac signs as interpretive keys, Birth Chart Basics is an immersive journey into the entirety of you.

Bess Matassa

Meet your instructor...

Bess Matassa

I’m a Brooklyn-based BBQ babe (fiery Aries stellium + Leo moon) who’s been in love with this mystical modality since I was a mini bite. It’s been by my side through both moments of exalted celebration and total breakdown—here as a headlamp and heartbeat that’s brought me back to life, again and again. For the past decade, I’ve harnessed it professionally as an astro + tarot reader, teacher, and writer, and my style of stargazing serves up self-inquiry with a side of poetry, pop music, and pasta sauce. When not combing the cosmos, I can be spotted sporting hot pink lipstick while wandering deserts and tropics, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next Olympic games.

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