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Yoga Anatomy Teacher: Joe Miller

By July 14, 2022July 24th, 2022Yoga Teacher Training

Who is the man on the mat?

If you live in the NYC area, you may have first seen Joe leading classes at New York City’s OM Center, where he completed his yoga teacher training. Since then, you may have also seen Joe teaching at Now Yoga and Sacred Sounds Yoga in NYC. Aside from teaching yoga, Joe also attended Columbia University where he obtained his masters in applied physiology.

Nowadays, Joe is putting his expertise of anatomy and physiology to use in a completely virtual class for us in our Yoga Anatomy Course. Established on the basic principles of anatomy and how it pertains to yoga, this course will give yoga teachers and practitioners a deeper understanding of the human body and healthy movement.

Get your free ‘Anatomy of Sun Salutations’ guide

We love providing our students with as many resources as possible. That being said, we created this downloadable PDF guide on the anatomy of sun salutations. Signing up will not only grant you access to this guide, but you’ll receive tons of free content in the future, including yoga sequencing tips, class videos and other educational online yoga teacher training resources.

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