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3 Benefits of an Online YTT

By 09/15/2023October 10th, 2023Yoga Online, Yoga Teacher Training

Kate and Patrick have both taught online and in person yoga teacher trainings and in this video weigh some of the benefits that accompany an online training. While the climate for trainings in any capacity has drastically shifted since Covid, it’s important to stay in the know when it comes to expanding your offerings as a yoga teacher and weighing your options for certifications as a student.

1. An everlasting, virtual landscape

Since the internet is essentially permanent (at least in our lifetime), creating online courses and attending online courses gives you access to learning materials for pretty much the entirety of your life. There are also endless resources on the web — you can continuously refer to and look back on those materials but also have access to a limitless database online (blog articles, educational books, statistics).

2. Learn how you want to learn

Learning abilities differ from person to person. One of the drawbacks of an in person training could be that people digest information in different ways and at a different pace. Online yoga teacher trainings solve that issue by letting every student learn at their own pace within the comfort of their own home, office or co-working space.

Online yoga teacher trainings also allow students to dive deeper into teachings as they see fit. While the anatomy portion of a training can be cumbersome, printing notes out from a computer or being able to quickly pull up a slideshow allows them to learn more intricately. Technical terms and anatomical body parts can be listed out, downloaded and explored through the context of the world wide web — a luxury we once did not have.

3. A wider reach/larger support network

Doing a yoga teacher training in a studio only gives you access to those students and teachers in that particular community. What if you wanted a wider reach? To connect with people beyond the immediate vicinity you work and live in? Online yoga teacher training allows you to connect with people all over the world.

Also, online trainings often have teachers from around the world or are well-versed in teaching to multiple communities. Usually yoga teachers that teach virtually know the extent to which they need to be diversified, and this leads to more connections beyond the one teacher you’ve maybe grown to love at your studio. It’s helpful to be exposed to all different teaching styles and teaching methodologies.


Complete the Course from the Comfort of your Home

Online yoga classes allow you to take part in a yoga teacher training from anywhere you can set up your laptop. This can be a huge advantage if you don’t have a car or would potentially have to take a long commute to get to class.  You can even take your training outside or with you as you travel, which can be pretty liberating.

Work at your Own Pace

When you enroll in a yoga teacher training online, you can work at your own pace, which can alleviate a lot of stress and pressure that can come along with a strict schedule. 

Lifetime Access

Online yoga teacher trainings offer lifetime access to the lessons and materials that you go through. If you ever want to review something you learned as you’re putting a new sequence together, it’s all there for you.  

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