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5 Quick Tips to Master a Handstand

By May 11th, 2022Yoga Asana
Girl moving into handstand

Today we’re talking about five tips that will help you in your handstand! I even crafted a fun mini video to walk you through every step.

First, let’s talk about hand placement…

Where do my hands go? ✋

Tip #1

  1. Spread your fingers wide and evenly
  2. When you press down those hands, you want to press down through your fingertips
  3. Press down through the knock ankles of your palm
  4. Press down through your forefinger and your thumb

Tip #2

  1. When you place those hands down on the ground, externally rotate at your shoulders
  2. Spin your inner elbows forward

Tip #3

  1. Straighten out those arms: Straighten them, straighten them, straighten them!!!
  2. Press the floor away

And my legs? ?

Now we’re bringing our legs into the mix…

Tip #4

  1. Really flex and spread those toes
  2. Create really firm legs, like, engage those legs a lot

Lastly, the hips ✨

Tip #5

  1. When you’re going upside down, try to really think about getting those hips up towards the ceiling
  2. Lift your hips up

Check out the video I created & try to follow along with me!