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Embracing the “Mother” Energy: 5 Yoga Poses for Empowerment and Iconic Femininity

A photoshopped photo of Victoria Beckham in Goddess Pose in front of a Spice World sign

In the ever-evolving landscape of internet culture, slang terms come and go, leaving their mark on the lexicon of each generation. Among the diverse array of phrases and references, one that has recently gained traction is “She is mother.” This seemingly straightforward term carries layers of meaning, often used to denote an iconic feminine figure or an act that contributes to such status. While it’s frequently applied to celebrities like pop stars and actresses, its resonance extends beyond the realms of fame, touching upon themes of empowerment, strength, and femininity.

At its core, “She is mother” embodies a celebration of powerful femininity—an acknowledgment of the strength, resilience, and influence embodied by certain women in society. It’s a recognition of their ability to inspire and uplift others, leaving an indelible mark on culture and consciousness. In the world of yoga, this sentiment finds resonance in the practice of asanas that embody strength, grace, and empowerment.

Let’s delve into five powerful feminine yoga poses that not only cultivate physical strength but also evoke the spirit of iconic female figures:

Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana):

This wide-legged squat exudes strength and stability, reminiscent of the goddesses of mythology who command respect and admiration. Goddess Pose mirrors the refined sophistication and unwavering confidence of Victoria Beckham—a fashion icon, businesswoman, and cultural influencer known for her impeccable style and poised demeanor. Like the goddess she represents, Beckham exudes a sense of grace and authority, commanding attention wherever she goes.

A photoshopped photo of Victoria Beckham in Goddess Pose in front of a Spice World sign

Revolved Warrior Pose (Parivrtta Virabhadrasana):

As the body twists and reaches towards the sky in this dynamic posture, one taps into their inner warrior spirit. Much like Swift’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment, Revolved Warrior Pose invites practitioners to embrace the process of transformation and renewal. With each twist of the torso, they release stagnant energy and open themselves up to new possibilities, embodying the spirit of resilience and growth.

A photoshopped photo of Taylor Swift in Revolved Warrior (also known as Peaceful Warrior)

Wild Thing Pose (Camatkarasana):

This heart-opening pose exudes a sense of freedom and fearlessness, much like the spirit of a wild thing roaming untamed. Wild Thing Pose mirrors the creative brilliance and uninhibited spirit of Greta Gerwig—a filmmaker known for her bold storytelling and distinctive voice in cinema. Like the “wild thing” she embodies, Gerwig fearlessly explores the depths of human experience, infusing her work with authenticity, humor, and heart.

A photoshopped image of Greta Gerwig outside doing wild thing yoga pose in front of camera equipment

Warrior II Pose (Virabhadrasana II):

As practitioners extend their arms outward and sink into a strong lunge, they embody the fierce determination and unwavering strength of Warrior II Pose. This pose resonates deeply with the commanding presence of Angela Bassett—a trailblazing actress known for her powerful performances and unapologetic presence on and off the screen. Like the warrior she portrays, Bassett exudes confidence, strength, and an unyielding commitment to her craft.

A photoshopped image of Angela Bassett in Warrior II pose on the red carpet at The Oscars

Tree Pose (Vrksasana):

In the context of powerful feminine energy, Tree Pose serves as a reminder of the deep connection between women and the natural world. Like the sturdy trunk of a tree supporting its branches and leaves, Lily Gladstone draws strength from her roots—whether it be familial bonds, cultural heritage, or personal values—that anchor them in times of challenge and change.

Lily Gladstone photoshopped on a yogi in the woods doing Vrksasana pose (also known as Tree Pose)

By incorporating these yoga poses into your practice, you can tap into your innate strength and cultivate a sense of empowerment that extends beyond the mat. Whether you’re balancing the demands of parenthood, pursuing your passions, or simply embracing your authentic selves, the “mother” energy serves as a reminder of your inherent power and resilience.

In essence, “She is mother” transcends mere slang—it’s a testament to the enduring influence of feminine energy in all its forms. As women come together to support and uplift one another, they embody the essence of iconic figures who have paved the way for generations to come.

So, let’s roll out our mats, strike a pose, and embody the spirit of “I am mother”—a celebration of the divine feminine within us all!!!

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— Written by our in-house Gen Z Correspondent, Isa Brand

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