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What Stranger Things and Yoga Have in Common

By 06/10/2022June 21st, 2022Lifestyle & Wellness, Yoga Asana
Kate Lombardo of YogaRenew

Last week, I finished the 7th episode of the new Stranger Things season. And 🤯

Not to worry – I won’t be giving out any spoilers for anyone who’s watching and hasn’t finished.

What amazes me is that the big reveal in the final episode was so good and surprising, but was also one of those moments that makes you go “duhh… how did I not see this before?”

Looking back now at the 4th season and even all of the earlier seasons, there have been little breadcrumbs dropped along the way that gave us hints into what to expect, but we just didn’t see them. (Unless you’re like my husband and figured it out… he’s always so good at that!)

But that’s the thing, hindsight is always 20/20, right?

I think in many ways the yoga practice is like that as well.

When you first start practicing, everything feels a little confusing and foreign and you step on your mat and start breathing, moving, and laying in savasana thinking “ok… how is this all going to work?”

But then little by little, the pieces start coming together and now you can touch your toes or do a pose you never thought you’d be able to do.

You realize you’re suddenly sleeping a little better and are able to be more present with your friends and family.

Or when someone cuts you off while you’re driving you realize you’re happy to let them go instead of yelling back.

And you look back to the beginning of your yoga journey and suddenly all the little things you started doing add up to become a big thing that shapes who you are and the way you live your life.

But, you know what makes practicing yoga even better than Stranger Things?

There is no season finale and there is no final season. The practice of yoga always leaves us space to keep writing new chapters.

Yoga Sutra 1.14 says, “sa tu dirghakala nairantarya satkarasevito drdhabhumih,” and tells us that practice that is performed consistently, for a long period of time, and with love and sincerity, it becomes a firmly rooted foundation for our lives.

This practice has always been meant to unfold throughout our lives and grow evolve just as we do.

We will have chapters that are muddy and confusing and don’t make much sense – (much like Season 2 Chapter 7 – I’m still waiting to see how El’s lost sister fits back into all this!)

And then we will have the aha moments of clarity when we realize how everything fits together.

And of course, much of it will fill the spaces in between. ✨

No matter what chapter you’re in now, I hope your practice helps you feel supported along the way and serves as the space to carry you through. The more we lean into it, the stronger it can be for us.

And if you’re looking for some help or inspiration along the way, know that we’re here to support you – with our online yoga teacher training courses, our YouTube channel, or simply with a “reply” to send a note to our inbox.

And for the next few weeks, I’m going to lean into mine and hope it reminds me to have some patience while I wait for these next two episodes to drop. 😜

Sending love your way.

– Kate