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How to Stay Inspired as a Yoga Teacher

By 06/08/2023September 28th, 2023Yoga Teachers
Yoga teacher sitting in front of a class in Sukasana while the students lie down in Savasana

1. Stay Committed to Your Personal Practice

Your personal practice is the foundation of your teaching. Take time to nourish your own practice and explore what it is that keeps you coming back to the mat! . Attend workshops, retreats, or other trainings so you can learn from other experienced teachers and gain fresh perspectives. By continuously deepening your understanding and experience of yoga, you can infuse your teaching with new energy and inspiration.

2. Connect with Your Colleagues

Building a strong network of life-minded yoga teachers can be incredibly empowering. If you teach at a studio, take classes with the teachers you teach with. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and support each other whenever there are questions or inquiries about something that may have come up in class. Surrounding yourself with passionate yoga teachers can reignite your own love for the practice and provide a platform for new growth and inspiration.

3. Attend Continuing Workshops and Trainings

As yoga teachers, your learning never really ends. Seek out new workshops and trainings that align with whatever it is you’re interested in. Whether it’s deepening your knowledge in sequencing, anatomy, meditation, philosophy, Ayurveda, or sound healing, investing in continuing education keeps your teaching fresh and allows you to bring new insights to your students.

4. Stay Connected with Your Students

Your students are a constant source of inspiration. Take time to connect with them, listen to their stories, and understand their individual journey. Create a welcoming and inclusive space where they feel comfortable and want to keep coming back. When you witness their growth and transformation through the yoga practice, it can be incredibly motivating and remind you of the huge impact your teaching has on others’ lives. It’s pretty amazing!

5. Read Yoga Philosophy

While the physical yoga practice is important, so is everything else that falls under the whole umbrella of yoga! It’s important to stay connected to what makes your soul feel fulfilled and whatever it is that helps you remember who you are and why you’re here. When you’re connected to the philosophical texts, you add a layer of depth to your teaching which can keep you inspired and engaged.

6. Practice Self-Care

As a yoga teacher, you are always giving. This means it’s important to prioritize self-care and nourish yourself as much as you can. You most likely already talk about self care, so make sure you’re doing the home practice, the meditation, the pranayama, and all of the things that keep you fueled. When you nurture your own physical, mental, and emotional needs, you will have the energy and inspiration to show up fully for your students.

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Remember, staying inspired as a yoga teacher is a forever journey that requires dedication and self-reflection. Embrace the evolution of your practice and teaching, and don’t be afraid to explore new things. By cultivating your own passion for yoga and sharing it authentically with others, you have the power to inspire countless lives. We are all trying to find balance and stay connected to who we are and why we are here. It’s your job to keep reminding your students of that. ✨

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